Friday, December 9, 2011


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Friday, September 16, 2011

Acid or Alkaline Water

Many people have a understanding what alkaline water is. If not let me state that alkaline water is the degree of acidity or alkalinity on the pH scale ph of 7 it’s considered acidic. If it’s above 7 it’s considered alkaline. According to the World Health Organization, health effects are most pronounced in pH extremes. Drinking water with an elevated pH above 11 can cause skin, eye and mucous membrane irritation. On the opposite end of the scale, pH values below 4 also cause irritation due to the corrosive effects of low pH levels. WHO warns that extreme pH levels can worsen existing skin conditions? In many instances if the body ph is lower than 7 then that person is susceptible to disease. It is thought by many who understand that "food is medicine" that the root of all disease is an acidic body. Furthermore, to cure whatever ails you must get the pH of your body back in balance - you must achieve a slightly alkaline body of about 7.2. Lemons are great way to helping you change your ph from acidic to alkaline. By squeezing lemon in a glass water will also aid in digestion. I sometimes do this as a start in the morning. While some like coffee it is a known acidic. It is said that between 70%-80% of your diet should be alkaline and 30%- 20% acidic. Alkaline forming foods in your diet add to the cleansing effect of your digestive system. In addition to having a proper pH balance aids in weight loss. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Is it better to drink tap or bottled water?

The most important element probably known to man is water. Some say you can go days without eating but you can't go long without water. The body is made up of 75% water, which it poses a powerful force in nature as well. The concept of bottle water has become accepted as the standard. In the past decade, the bottle water market has more than doubled in the United States surpassing juice, milk, and beer, to becoming the second most popular beverage after soft drinks. I have read stories of taste test done all over the country where consumers confuse tap water with what they thought to be bottled water. A 1999 study by the National Resources Defense Council of more than 1,000 bottles of water found that while most bottled water was safe, some brands violated strict state standards on bacterial contamination, while others were found to contain harmful chemicals such as arsenic. The report concluded that bottled water was no safer than water taken from the tap.

In fact, most of the time bottled water is actually tap water. Tap water also has a few dangers lurking as well. There are 35,000 pesticides containing 600 chemical compounds. Yet municipal water systems are only required to test for six. Many of these chemicals are known to cause birth defects, nerve damage, sterility and cancer. That sounds scary to hear but the truth is everthing you drink comes basically from municipal drinking sources, even some bottled water. A recent government study found that more than 25% of all large U.S. public water systems contain traces of one or more toxic substances. ... Public water systems do not test for the carcinogens and other dangerous chemicals that are being found. Next to chlorine‚ lead is the most common contaminant found in tap water. Lead in drinking water usually originates between the water main in the street and the household faucet. One study done in Baltimore MD‚ showed that children with high blood-lead levels had a significantly higher rate of problem behaviors than children with low blood levels. The addition of chlorine to our drinking water began in the late 1800s and by 1904 it became a standard treatement of drinking water. According to the U.S. Council of Environmental Quality‚ "Cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is as much as 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine."

Health Benefits of Drinking Water

More energy

Perform Better

Lose weight

Reduces headaches and dizziness.

Helps with digestion and converting food into energy

Facilitates elimination of waste

Did you know water is always returns back to source? 
Next time you are in the rest room think about that. Your water goes back home to "THE SOURCE". We are responsible for cleaning up our water supplies by starting to cleanup whats going into our bodies becoming more conscious about the chemicals that our family are exposed too. Be more conscious by doing your part and researching what you're taking into your bodies.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I know sometimes it may be difficult to figure out what to eat through out the day while fasting or detoxing the body. This video quickly breaks down what to eat from the moment you wake up, like drinking a glass of water to help boost the detox process each day, what to avoid and what foods you can snack on.

Hope you find the video helpful.

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Now this video got straight to the point in how to fast. It suggest drinking a glass of water every hour. What a great suggestion! Definitely going to practice and suggest that to my clients to help you stay on task every hour. It also tells you what to expect and what not to do while fasting, like exercising or anything strenuous on the body.


One major thing to remember while detoxing is to drink a lot of water at room temperature. Drinking water at room temperature allows your body to process and eliminate the waste quickly while hydrating your internal organs as well as your skin. Drink at least 8 glasses of 8oz. water per day.

This video is pretty helpful with suggestions on what to eat while detoxing. The link provided also list what foods to include in your detox and diet in general and why.


Here's an easy way to do a breathing mediation. I recommend doing this first thing in the morning to get your mind, body and spirit right before beginning your day.  This will help to relieve stress and keep the mind and body at ease. We challenge you to try this breathing meditation for at least 5-10 in the morning.

We'll love to hear back from anyone who decides to this breathing meditation challenge for at least a week.

Different ways to detox through massage, fasting & breathing.

In your goal of achieving good health an important part of your regime should be Massage Therapy. Detoxing the body at least twice a year will go along way in reduction of disease and ailments. There are many ways to detox the body. Such as water fasting, juice fasting and abstaining from meats. During a fast you may start to feel fatigue, that's your body way of saying its releasing what you didn't need and its only temporary.

How does massage help?

There are many ways that massage can assist in eliminating waste. Circulation is key. Massage helps to speed up blood in turn any waste product in the body is eliminated three times faster than normal. When waste is eliminated it can be done by coughing, crying (emotional waste), farts, hiccup or bile. During massage sessions, I've seen all of these forms of elimination occur. Often after a massage there is an urge to urinate. When this occurs, the filtration process of the kidneys is sped up. For the respiratory system, the internal process to cleansing is simply breathing. Something as simple as mediating by taking 10 minutes to breath deep and exhale slowly to calm the body and mind. Its' job is to also allow enough oxygen to travel to cells and eliminate gaseous waste. Taking in oxygen helps to expel carbon dioxide and waste product.  Another way to help eliminate waste and detox is by massaging the back with strokes around the upper and lower regions.

How does breathing help to detox?

Detoxification breath is very important to the revitalization of major components in the body. During or after a massage, clients allergies will tend to flair, runny nose or excess mucus secretion. The immune system reaction of detecting the agents (environmental or dietary)is just occuring a little faster than normal from being in relax prone position. Once the body runs through it's detox process, the client usually will feel relief and open air passages.

We will be posting some breathing techniques, so stay tuned.